Photo Submission Guidelines

The Ski Journal treats photography with the utmost respect by showcasing only the finest imagery available. The Ski Journal also takes great pride in being an unconventional coffee table magazine filled with unique imagery which might not run elsewhere. Of course, the timeless classics and epic images of “insert pro skier name” are very high on our most wanted list but equally so are the moments which take place in your own life on the way to the mountain, in the bar, on the plane or anywhere in between. So, whether those photos were taken on a $6,000 DSLR, your phone or a Contax T2, we don’t care. What is contained within the image is what matters.

We ask all of this because The Ski Journal tries to keep its hand on the pulse of current ski culture and showcases all the eccentric happenings which are found within. These moments can happen when you do not have your camera ready and pointed at a setup subject.

Please review prior issues of The Ski Journal before sending imagery our way in order to be sure it fits our ethos. Be selective with your submission—we have limited gallery space and need not look at thousands of images from a single photographer. Only send those that you see as a great fit for The Ski Journal.

How to Submit:

1. The Ski Journal ONLY accepts exclusive submissions. If the same or similar images are currently under consideration by any other North American or globally-distributed entity, including but not limited to magazines, newspapers, websites, books and outdoor companies, do not send them to us until they have made their selections. This includes imagery that has or may appear on social media.

2. All digital submissions MUST have metadata fully embedded, including photographer name, contact info, caption and location. We will NOT consider any digital submissions lacking metadata.

3. Initial submissions are accepted as JPEG images, sized to 1500 pixels on the long side at 72 pixels per inch. We prefer submissions via a web-based service such as Yousendit, Dropbox or Wetransfer.

4. Please rename your images to include your last name and first initial in the filename. Keep the filenames under 30 characters. 

5. If selected for consideration, a RAW file in a .DNG format will be required. An edited .DNG file is preferred for best final presentation of your work.

6. We will gladly accept positive film(slides), as well as B/W prints (8x12 and smaller) and cross-processed media. However, we will only accept originals, and we will NOT accept any Inkjet prints. ALL PHYSICAL SUBMISSIONS (Film, Prints, etc.) MUST BE FULLY LABELED AND CAPTIONED TO INCLUDE "MODEL", LOCATION AND PHOTOGRAPHER.

7.  All hardcopy submissions, including original slides, high-res CD's, etc. should be sent via mail or shipping company to the respective address below.


Send PHOTO related questions, inquiries and submissions to garrettgrove – at –


1.  Do not overwork your images. Never remove, add, or manipulate the physical elements of the photograph (except sensor dust).  It’s acceptable to put certain saturations and contrast levels to your photos but there is a line. If photographers abuse post production parameters the files will not print well. If you’re unsure where to draw the line please contact us to discuss before sending your work.

2.  Do not convert RAW to TIFF or JPG and then to DNG. It is imperative that we see the visual history of the file.

3. Do not sharpen your final files. That’s the last step and done on this end.

4. Do not use lossless compression when converting DNGs.


Photo Editor
The Ski Journal
PO Box 2806
Bellingham, WA 98227.


Photo Editor
The Ski Journal
3620 Irongate Rd. Suite 122
Bellingham, WA

Garrett Grove
Photo Editor
garrettgrove - at -


The Ski Journal welcomes queries and/or completed manuscripts that showcase skiing's people, places, and culture. Before submitting a query we encourage writers to pick up a recent copy of The Ski Journal and read it carefully before deciding if your idea would be a good fit. Initial contact should be in the form of a query that includes the following:

1. A brief description of the story: the angle, subjects, and location.

2. Why our readers would be interested in your story.

3. Where it would fit in the book (what department).

4. Why you are qualified to write the story.

5. Reference to any photo resources for the story.

6. Any samples or references to previously published work.

Please direct all queries to submit - at - or mail to the addresses above.

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