Gunderson’s South American Transmission

Its full on spring skiing in S.A.. Bluebird skis, and warm temps ( it was close to 60F) today in Portillo, but skiing in South America is going off this year. The souther aspects are still holding good pow, and the north slopes are full on spring skiing slush, so take your pic, mid winter pow or spring slush. So far on this trip, we have hooked up with the Salomon freeride team consisting of Wendy Fisher, Chris Ankeny, Mike Douglas, and Rick Armstong, in additon to the Black Diamond free ride team of Zack Giffin, Callum Pettit and Jackie Edgerly. It looks like Bariolche is about to get a refresh of snow, so we will be heading down there shortly to check it out.

Photo: Zack Giffin in Farrelones Chile getting one last air in before heading to Portillo.


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