Dendrite Studios — Out of The Shadows

Whistler, BC (June 3, 2010) — The Ski Journal is pleased to announce it’s partnership with Whistler upstarts Dendrite Studios on their forthcoming movie, “Out of the Shadows”.

As the Dendrite crew describes it:

Proudly shot in the mountains of British Columbia, Out of the Shadows features the finest athletes who have been in the shadows for too long. This is their shot and their opportunity to break out on film. They bring their lives with them and shred the mountains with un-inhibited passion on a daily basis. We bring you their stories.

Featuring the return of PY Leblanc, the forgotten legend Chris Turpin, World Champion Brett Crabtree, Swedish sensation Jon Larsson, and a giant swarm of new comers including Maxim Arsenault, Eliel Hindert, Christian Boucher, Dave Treadway, Mathieu Gagnon Theirault, Ian Cheddar Watson, Dave Gheriani, Adam Topshee, Alex Blais, Athan Merrick, Jake Cohn, Matt Elliot, and Matty Richard.

Arriving in the fall of 2010…

Now watch the trailer and get stoked!


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