Shadow Puppet Collective: A Durango Film Company

The Shadow Puppet Collective describes themselves as a collection of skiers, filmmakers, skaters, artists, musicians, bikers, photographers, vagabonds, party-goers, and generally just fun lovers. Sounds familiar, right? Check out a few photos and a trailer from their site.

After a soak in the Orvis hot springs I jumped in the car to drive back over the pass on my way to Silverton. This is where I met Cedar Jocks; hitchhiking home to Durango. I drove him part of the way, dropping him off at the junction where the road diverges towards the tiny town of Silverton and the most southern moutains of Colorado near Durango. We chatted about skiing, while he pointed out the gap jumps and step-ups that his crew, The Shadow Puppet Collective, worked on throughout the winter and about the dust storms that often frequent this part of the country, destroying the snow. A few weeks later I had an email from Cedar with a link to the Shadow Puppet site, full of photos, trailers, and free webisodes. Since Silverton, skiing, watching films, making art, listening to music, biking, hanging with photographer friends, and acting as a vagabond, party-goer, and generally fun lover, has allowed me to neglect Cedar’s email. Up until this point. Here’s to The Shadow Puppet Collective. Cheers guys and gals. Thanks for sharing your site.


Shadow Puppet Productions Demo Reel 2010 from Matt Mulligan on Vimeo.

The Puppet Show Webisode 3 from Matt Mulligan on Vimeo.






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