Greetings From Chile: Termas de Chillan with Grant Gunderson, Zack Giffin, Angeli VanLaanen, and Molly Baker

After two sleepless nights and a six hour bus ride we were skiing in Chile. Wind, some snow, and a lot of Pisco later, and suddenly four days has vanished.With approximately 50 centimeters on the way, we will stay to ski another day and then head for Argentina.

The four person crew, including Grant Gunderson, Zack Giffin, Angeli VanLaanen, and myself, has skied, danced, struggled with our Spanish, soaked in the hot springs of Termas de Chillan, stayed out shooting until sunset, and seen friends from our home ski areas all the way down here south of the equator. The ski community sure does make the world a small place.


Zack and Grant waiting for our bus in Santiago.

Our first stop in Chile, Termas de Chillan, has provided pow, bluebird, and a lot of wind. Currently, a storm is dumping around 50 centimeters on this Chilean destination and we will be here to reap the benefits–if the wind doesn’t blow it all away.


Angeli enjoying the sun and snow.

Tickets are a mere $40 and for lunch you can enjoy two carne empanadas for $7; not bad for the traveling ski bum. Also, most lunch stops blast nothing but the most dance-worthy American hip-hop and disco. We’re calling it Club Lunch.


Zack and Grant refusing to dance and planning instead on just eating lunch.

And, if there isn’t a chance to dance at lunch, there is always dinner.


Zack Giffin and myself trying to keep up with the Chileans.


If you look closely, a sunset booter can be seen. The snow was less than ideal, but the scenery made up for the knee pain.


More photos and stories on the way. We have only touched the proverbial tip of the icebergp. Argentina, here we come!


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