Voleurz “That’s Fine” Full Movie

That’s Fine, presented by Voleurz, is one of the most all-encompassing action sports films that’s been released this year. Featuring over thirty athletes from the skiing, snowboarding and skateboarding world, this film leaves nothing to the imagination – it’s all there.

With urban rail jams from Rob Heule, a plethora of kick-flips from skateboarders like Jan Schuster and plenty of backcountry style from Warren Williams and others, the film provides a complete look at the lifestyles of athletes from all different backgrounds.

Athletes featured in the film: Riley Leboe, Rob Heule, KC Deane, Justin VPD, Matt Bridisi, Scott Sych, Cam Schuster, Jake Black, Jan Schuster, Andrew Jackson, Simon Dartois, Josh Bibby, Max Hill, Shayne Zwickel, Mack Jones, Josh Stack, Dylan Stack, Colston VB, Joe Schuster, Warren Williams, Tyler Holm, Braden Dean and more.


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