Nimbus 2012 Trailer

Nimbus Independent is known for always pushing what’s possible on skis–and how good it can look in the process. For fall/winter of 2012, the Nimbus crew–in association with K2 Skis–is bringing viewers their En Route series, three full-length webisodes that will be dropping over the next few months. Get ready for winter and gettin’ weird.

Episode release schedule is as follows:

En Route Hokkaido October 1st
En Route Arlberg November 5th
En Route Sled BC December 3rd

Along with the En Route episode, Nimbus will also be releasing three other Point and Shoot webisodes 3 more Point and Shoot webisodes over the next few months.


Nimbus 2012 trailer from NIMBUS INDEPENDENT on Vimeo.


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