Stevens Pass and MEGA Creative Media Present “Community” Full Length Film

“We are a community that shares a passion for snow and the mountains; a passion that unites us all…” – Steven’s Pass

Whichever mountain you call home, and whether you ski or snowboard, we all share a part of a much larger, incredibly-unique winter community. As an ode to 75 years of that snowy family at Stevens Pass, MEGA Creative Media Productions presents “Community,” a full-length film celebrating over seven decades of mountain love. With video clips spanning from the area’s beginnings to the freshest glimpses of its future, as well as exclusive photographs from the Special Edition Stevens Pass Anniversary book by Funny Feelings LLC, “Community” reminds skiers and snowboarders, both young and old, why Stevens is their place.

COMMUNITY (full length movie) from MEGA Creative Media on Vimeo.


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