Swatch Skiers Cup Big Mountain Event 2013 In Switzerland

The Swatch Skiers Cup brought sunny skies, fresh snow, and excited competitors to the Big Mountain event in Zermatt, Switzerland for 2013. Team Europe and Team Americas were pitted against one another, with a series of incredible faces to choose from. Although a friendly competition quickly ensued (see: the backflip laid out in front of a cascading avalanche at 3:00) smiles prevailed at the end of the day. Featuring the skiing of Kaj Zackrisson, Sverre Liliequist, Markus Eder, Richard Permin, Nicolas Vuignier, Paddy Graham and Fabio Studer for Team Europe, and Cody Townsend, KC Deane, Rory Bushfield, Charley Ager, Josh Daiek, Logan Imlach, Tim Dutton and Greg Lindsey for Team Americas, this year’s competition was impressive as it was fun.


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