Ian McIntosh’s New Digs

From his first segment with TGR out of Jackson Hole, WY, to slaying the biggest of lines in AK, Ian McIntosh is without a doubt one of the hardest-charging and powerful big mountain skiers alive. Now he has teamed up with Backcountry.com to push those limits even further. In his own words.

“My skiing today is evolving as I become more and more focused on going places where not many have ever been and skiing mountains and lines that have never been ridden,” said McIntosh. “Bigger challenges and bigger rewards are waiting. Joining Backcountry.com is super exciting for me because I think that I embody the backcountry spirit as strong as most.”

Check out the full press release here, and Backcountry.com for Ian’s latest gear.

(Photo credit: Adam Clark)


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