Logan LaPlante – TEDxTalks “Hackschooling Makes Me Happy”

Young freeskier, Logan LaPlante, presents an inspiring speech at TED Talks at the University of Nevada about “hackschooling”. Pulled out of the traditional school system at the age of 9. He began “hackschooling,” an education combing traditional studies with value health and happiness in eight simple methods by Dr. Roger Walsh: Exercise; Diet and Nutrition; Time in Nature, Contribution and Service; Relationships, Recreation; Relaxation and Stress Management; and Religious and Spiritual Exercise.

Logan is part of a small but growing generation of kids moving away from traditional schooling. He is not your typical 13 year old–he has taken advantage of his learning and opportunities that have came his way. He may not know what he wants to be when he grows up yet but surely knows he will be happy.


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