Patagonia Presents Sweetgrass Productions VALHALLA

There are two things in this world that represent total freedom: nudity and powder. In their newest film VALHALLA, Sweetgrass Productions combines the two in segment full of bare-assed pillow drops, goose-bumped face shots and NSFW spread eagles. Their outwear may be missing, but the stoke on their faces is as clear as a fuzzy tiger-print banana hammock.

Filmed in Nelson, BC and Alaska, and featuring the talents (and tan lines) of Cody Barnhill, Molly Baker, Eric Hjorleifson, Kazushi Yamauchi, Alex Monot, Sierra Quitiquit, Pep Fujas and Zack Giffin, the Sweetgrass crew steps out of their threads and into the dream.

To purchase the full VALHALLA, visit the iTunes store today.


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