There is No Last Call: An Arctic Safari in Svalbard, Norway

During spring of 2014, a group of skiers including Chris Davenport, Ingrid Backstrom, James Heim, Michelle Parker and photographer Christian Pondella headed to Svalbard, Norway, the world’s northernmost permanent settlement, to shoot a webisode for Red Bull’s “The Faces of Dav” series. Between April and August in the Arctic Circle the sun never sets, meaning endless exploring of some of Scandinavia’s biggest lines. In the land of seed vaults, sailboats and $10 beers, there is no last call.

To experience the full Norway adventure, check out the newest issue of The Ski Journal, #8.2, with words by Ingrid Backstrom and incredible imagery by Christian Pondella, and make sure to watch Red Bull’s outstanding “The Faces of Dav” webisode from the trip, coming soon.

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