The Faces of Dav Episode 4: The Explorer

Skiing to your home is a luxury that not many get to experience, but skiing to your home on a sailboat is probably something that only a handfull of people get do–especially when that home is a sailboat in the fjords of Norway’s island of Svalbard. In Episode 4 of Red Bull’s “The Faces of Dav” web series, Chris Davenport is joined by Ingrid Backstrom, James Heim, Michelle Parker and photographer Christian Pondella to explore Scandinavia’s hidden powder Shangri-La.

The crew traveled north to Longyearbyen, Salvbard, the northernmost township in the world. “The boat is an amazing tool to access remote mountains, you can go to places that you can’t get to any other way,” Chris says. For the complete story, check out the feature “No Last Call” in the newest issue of The Ski Journal, #8.2.

Click here to watch the episode on redbull.com.


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