In Memoriam: “American Dave” Rosenbarger

We are pained to hear of the passing of ski mountaineer Dave Rosenbarger in an avalanche on France and Italy’s Mont Blanc massif on January 23, 2015. Better known to friends and colleagues as “American Dave,” Dave was an inspirational figure in his winter home of Chamonix, France, where he had ticked off numerous descents and brightened the mountain community in general. Born and raised in Oregon and splitting his years between Tahoe, CA and France, his path took him into mountains around the world and into the lives of the countless skiers he touched along the way. Our hearts go out to Dave’s family and friends and to the many skiers he inspired. Shred in peace, Dave. You will be missed.

Long-time sponsor Patagonia has put together a tribute to Dave on their blog, The Cleanest Line, in which Josh Nielsen, Patagonia Global Marketing Director, Outdoor, said, “He was the epitome of a pure passion skier—someone who didn’t do it for the cameras or for the limelight—and was deeply committed to the sport for all of the right reasons. Dave was a calculated risk taker and a talented athlete who dedicated his life to climbing and skiing some of the most challenging lines in the world, especially in Chamonix, his winter home. Dave was known for having an effortless style while skiing in steep and precarious places but also for his infectious glowing personality. He contributed to our Patagonia family in so many ways. He had a natural eye for product design and became one of our most articulate and valued product testers. He was beloved by fellow ambassadors, a friend to all and the catalyst for many powder-laden Chamonix adventures. Dave was one of a kind and will be deeply missed.”


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