January in the Wasatch with Matt Philippi

Over the past month much of North America has been relatively snow-starved, but Utah’s Wasatch Mountains had a decent January especially compared to elsewhere in the United States. Matt Philippi took advantage of the stable snowpack to get on some classic lines and ski the resorts around the area.

“January in the Wasatch was rad,” Philippi says. ‘I spent my time skiing the classic zones of upper Little Cottonwood Canyon. Mount Superior offers a stable south-facing snowpack while north-facing Wolverine Cirque stays cold and fresh. I have been skiing with local ski guide and friend Harrison Brickman who knows the zones well and keeps the climbing pace painfully fast. On lazy days, the neighboring resorts of Alta and Snowbird provide hot-laps to keep the downhill muscles in shape and the knee cartilage angry. Here is a taste of what I’ve been up to so far. Stay tuned for some bigger Wasatch lines next month.”


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