The Bunch: Finito Trailer | SD Is Forever

The Bunch’s latest trailer, Finito, pays homage to the VX1000 and it’s SD descendants as they continue to break the rules and prove that skiing is whatever you make it–and, from the looks of it, The Bunch is making it stand out.

The VX1000 would would change action sports forever creating that classic low-angle fisheye follow cam look of the late ’90s and early 2000s. By blending classical music with old school SD image and new school tricks these guys are keeping it all real in a sub-culture oversaturated with RED cameras, family friendly EDM beats, and the expected line up of tricks. If you’re into pond skims, hand drags and creative spot usage then put this tape in, close the hatch and hit play.


Finito – Trailer from The Bunch on Vimeo.


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