“Something in the Snow” / Doin’ it Local Style at Mt. Baker

Anyone who has been to Mt. Baker Ski Area knows it’s a locals’ mountains: the best lines are the hidden ones, and getting to the legendary powder stashes requires some in-the-know billy goating, often with a veggie belay (yeah, it’s a thing). The Evangelista brothers are born-and-raised Baker, and their recent film, “Something in the Snow,” is a showcase of the ski hill’s current local talent.

Winner of the Peoples Choice Award, at the 2017 Mt. Baker Film Fest, “Something in the Snow” features riding from┬áMicah Evangelista, Jamie Baril, Will Hutchinson, Sophia Rouches, Hank Kennedy, Brandon Breitenstein, Mike Boyd and Kevin Curran, and filming from Mattias Evangelista and Dylan Hallett.


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