How To Chuck Your Carcass with the Blondes

All you really need to know about The Blondes—a wild, backflip-throwing lady crew based in Revelstoke—is that they called this edit “How to Chuck Your Carcass” and then set it to “Barracuda,” by Heart.

The Blondes, made up of Emily Childs, Janelle Yip and Tonje Kvivik, are about as irreverent as those two things would suggest, but are also, much more importantly, total shredders. Between smooth backflips, huge pillow lines, even bigger drops and a few cringe-inducing wipeouts, the Blondes definitely show off an innate ability to not only chuck their carcasses but come out of it, more often than not, upright and stoked. Throw in some steep spines, huge smiles, sled shenanigans and funny outtakes, and you’ve got a pretty good reason to keep these ladies on your radar.




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