Henry Sildaru chases Antti Ollila to new heights

New boost-worthy edit is sultry park perfection, minus the noise.

13-year-old Henry Sildaru matches tricks throughout the park of Ruka, Finland with 25-year-old style wizard, Antti Ollila. Both Faction athletes bring their own flavor to a quick video showcasing the youthful talent of Henry and playful style of Antti. Henry is used to being hot on the tails of legends—he’s previously chased around Candide Thovex on screen—but it’s pretty clear that he won’t be following for long.

A word from the creators about the video:  

In this edit, the young prodigy Henry Sildaru chases the Finnish style-master Antti Ollila through his home park of Ruka, Finland.

Starring: Antti Ollila, Henry Sildaru

Shot on location: Ruka, Finland

Filmed & Edited by: Etienne Mérel


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