The Bunch is Back

Sweden's eclectic ski crew dropped its newest film, "Is There Time For Matching Socks," online

With ski season in full swing, The Bunch decided to put their stamp on the fun. Combining some brain-melting ski creativity with what can only be described as Euro pop, art house ski cinema, the Swedish crew’s newest film, “Is There Time For Matching Socks,” dropped for free on the Interwebs this week, and we’re all better for it.

Alex Hackel, profiled in The Ski Journal 14.3, joins Magnus Granér, Peyben Hägglund and friends as they scour the cold climes of Scandinavia, British Columbia, and Russia, documenting their skiing misadventures along the way. Despite some burly skiing (holding grabs through a wall ride, are you kidding me?), the main takeaway from The Bunch’s latest venture is that skiing is, and always will be, about having fun with your friends.


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