Markus Eder’s Run Rules Them All

If you weren’t excited about ski season yet, Markus Eder is about to change that. With perhaps the most complete top to bottom performance ever shared on the internet (sorry, Candide, it’s true), Eder may have made me spit out my coffee—and I wasn’t even drinking any.

Eder dropped his new film “The Ultimate Run,” this week, and though it was indeed more than one run (it actually took 90 days to film the project), this 10-minute short is one of the most complete compilations of skiing in recent memory. It should come as no surprise that the former Freeride World Tour champion born from park pedigree could put down such a comprehensive performance, but this edit is an early front runner for best ski edit of the year (there’s an Oscar for that, right?).

Between spinning impossible gaps, jibbing avalanche fences and power-sliding near vertical rock walls, Eder’s versatility is on full display. Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is on its way, but Eder makes sure that Christmas comes early this year. We’re not worthy.


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