Respect Your ‘Roots’

New Faction Collective film is a step-up in a step-down world

The Faction Collective’s new feature film Roots: Foundations of Freeskiing has it all: big mountains, big air, big powder, big smiles, and some light philosophical musings. From Wyoming to Finland, untamed couloirs to sculpted jumps, Roots takes the viewer on a visual trip during a year many skiers stayed put, utilizing spectacular cinematography to bring our sport to life.

Told through over 20 different skiers and eight different chapters with titles like “Progression,” “Passion,” and “Playground,” the film is truly an anthology of everything that makes up freeskiing. It’s fun, fresh and also a little vertigo-inducing as the crisp cinematography pulls no punches in highlighting the sheer steepness of some of the lines and the many, many big tricks that’s helped put Faction and its athletes on the map.


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