Patagonia Sincera

A word about Patagonia Sincera from bqpfilms: 

This film by the hand of nature travels through various experiences; not only imposing places and sites, but also reflects the emotions that human beings go through when confronted with themselves and with such a powerful whole that they deserve to care for and respect as they discover it.

In this confrontation and search for satisfaction mixed with improvement, the local athletes, as bold as they are fragile, do not stop waiting every winter for a new adventure; contemplating and admiring our main character, Patagonia, at every moment.

The story takes place between the innocence of children playing in the forest and overcoming the fears and uncertainties that adults go through during winters that are as harsh as they are fascinating.

The protagonists show how they overcome themselves physically and mentally to achieve their objectives, helped by love for the place to which they belong and under the watchful eye of nature itself; who also requests and implores the transmission of those feelings and values ​​towards the little ones, the children; who in the future will be their new adventurers.

Meanwhile, this film shows the different winter sports carried out under the different climatic conditions so hostile and unstable, characteristic of this place, that they have made even the most intrepid of explorers doubt.

Featuring: Seba Quiroga, Iñaki Odriozola, Santiago Guzman, Nicolás Salencon, Diego Simari, Yago Najda, Julián Ardengui, Tomás Orol, Gaspar Lamunier, Facundo Carrasco, Manuel Dominguez, Matías Radaelli, Martín Bisi, Juan Carranza, Tomi Blanc, Facundo Aguirre, Lucas Swieykowski, Emilio Arcienaga, Agustín Piccolo, Esteban Erdocia, Rodrigo Villuendas, Lucas Dahir, Rodrigo Aguirre, Jeremy Jones & Jenny Somweber.


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