It was my birthday. The date had snuck up on me so fast that I’d nearly forgotten about the streak. For the past few years, I’d made it a point to go skiing on November 15—a luxury, I recognize, but the closest thing to a birthday tradition I had at this point in life. This […]


Every crew has one. Whether attempting a black diamond for the first time or speed-checking the road gap, there’s always the first to drop, send or otherwise attempt the once-unattainable. And while there are many names for this O’brazen One, a single term truly resonates in the halls of ski lore: the guinea pig. Growing […]


I was 10 years old the first time I felt it. My friend’s dad, Mr. V, had driven us the three hours to Bromley in Vermont, but a powder day seemed a total wash when the storm came in hot. For all I knew, skiing in the rain was like putting American cheese on your burrito—some […]

Rio Palena Lodge

Immediately after touching down in Chaitén, Chile, the stories began. Host and fishing guide Juan Carlos Castaing rode shotgun in the van en route to Rio Palena Lodge and pointed out a mile or more expanse of what looked like gravel, atop what was a village until 2008. Chaitén volcano, the culprit in the village’s […]

Shoulder Season

They’re somewhere behind the mountain bikes. Or it could be the lawnmower and leftover Trex from fixing the deck. Shit. Well, they’re back there somewhere. Twenty minutes later I find them next to the badminton net, covered in deflated crocodile and killer whale floaties. I brush a few spider webs off the touring setup, and […]


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