A New Wilderness: COVID-19 Through the Eyes of a Backcountry Skier

On March 14, I woke up in my sleeping bag. I put on down pants, stuffed cold toes into stiff boots, and set to melting snow for water, taking my hands out of big mittens just long enough to turn the knob on my stove. It took four hours for the sun to crest the […]

Mostly Unplanned and A Little Bit Loose

It’s late November and Glen Plake is strapping something down on top of his truck when I call him for an interview. His wife Kimberly says he’s been up there for a while and he probably won’t be down for a while. “Can he call you back when he gets down?” she asks.  When he […]


In 1984, Warren Miller recruited Brian McKay and two friends to shoot a California segment for his upcoming film, Ski Country. During their two-minute part, the trio displayed all the hallmarks of a mid-1980s Warren Miller film: tight pants, spread eagles and synthesizer riffs, all set to Miller’s wry narration. The background, however, wasn’t snowy mountains. […]


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