A Larger Purpose

This article first appeared in The Ski Journal Issue 15.3 CROUCHED on a ridge in Austria’s Zillertal Alps, photographer Jana Rogers observed the fading light in the snowcapped peaks The clouds had shifted allowing the sun to illuminate the rocky ridge above the slope, a photographer’s dream. The skiers dropped in and arced a few perfect […]

Truly Exotic

This article first appeared in The Ski Journal Issue 15.2 The commercial airliner touches down on a runway in Nairobi, Kenya and taxis to a stop. Greg Von Doersten emerges from the plane, camera in hand, and rushes around to chat up the gate manager. Soon he’s in the cargo hold of their Democratic Republic of […]

Dom Daher

After five years of working at Skieur magazine, the France-based ski magazine that launched his photography career, pro ski photographer Daher decided to break out on his own. Before he could make the full move to freelance, he was approached by some office veterans who told him to sue his employer to make enough money […]

Josh Bishop Gallerie

Here’s something to never say at a job interview: “Can we pop by an emergency room?” But it’s a question Josh Bishop had to ask. The 22-year-old skier had a rubber earbud lodged in his right lobe and it hurt like hell. “The thing was fully stuck in there,” he says. “I couldn’t see it […]

John Fellows Gallerie

A photo of John Fellows as a young boy sits above his well-used work desk. The boy is wearing a red knapsack and crouches in a Sound of Music-esque Swiss mountain field, feeding a cow adorned with a traditional bell. His family had been traveling around Europe for two years by van, a break from […]


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