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Mt. Baker 2023 Opening

VIEW INTERACTIVE FEATURE Did you know that the 26th president of the United States, Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, was a skier? For real. Back in 1903, he got down. He was also a walking well of memorable quotes—or, more likely, had some great ghost writers. Teddy is credited with coining such phrases as “Speak softly and […]

Mt. Baker 2022-2023

View Feature The Jetstream does what the Jetstream does.   I try not to subscribe to any pre-season ponderings when it comes to weather. Heck, I don’t trust a forecast more than 24 hours out, most of the time. Because we can opine all we want about what might happen come winter, but in the […]

Mt. Baker Opening 2021

View Interactive Feature Some believe the practice of being fashionably late originated with the grand balls held by French aristocracy in the late 18th century. The idea was that hoity-toity fancy-pants hosts would wait for a large crowd to gather before making their opulent appearance. Widely adopted by the rest of western society, it’s become […]

Mt. Baker Ski Area 2020-21

View Interactive Feature Boots? Check. Jacket? Yup. Worries? Leave those at the door. We’re headed to Mt. Baker.  During times of challenging uncertainty, it’s hard to imagine a better escape than the mountains. Skiers and snowboarders’ collective experience has consistently proven that the joys of sliding snow can inverse even the surliest of frowns. It’s […]

Mt. Baker Opening Days 2020

View interactive Feature “It’s science, but it’s not rocket science.” Gwyn Howat, the CEO of Mt. Baker Ski Area, addressed the crowd. “We’ve been working for two months to get here. Our ability to operate is reliant upon you.” She smiled. You could see it in her eyes. The rest of her expression, of course, […]


View interactive feature Mt. Baker is a family affair.  Of course, there’s Duncan, Gwyn and Amy Howat steering the ship with their mantra of culture over cash. But it’s much deeper than that.  I first visited the hill sometime in the late 80s with my parents. I don’t remember much of that day, but I’ve […]


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