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2017/18 Mt. Baker Season Recap

The Speed of Fun

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When time flies at the speed of fun, it can be hard to fully appreciate everything that’s happening. Pages fell quickly off the calendar as we charged forth into inch-per-hour storm cycles and the deep, bluebird days that followed at Mt Baker this season. Then it would start all over again, in a relentless succession of powder days that kept our heads spinning around a whirlwind of a season. It was pure Pacific Northwest, and when April arrived we were left feeling like January was just yesterday. So, as the lifts stop spinning and time slows back down, we finally have a moment to reflect on all the excitement shared at the mountain over the past season.

Well, not all of it—that would be impossible to capture. With thousands of skiers and snowboarders enjoying more than 800 inches of snow that graced Mt Baker over the past few months, we’re only able to give you a glimpse at some of the memorable moments that went down this winter. If you were there, you can fill in the blanks. If you weren’t, make sure to join in on it next season. These times wait for no one, and fly by even faster when it’s this much fun.


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