‘YUP’, New Sammy Carlson Film is the Reel Deal

Just when you thought ski movie season was winding down, half man, half human pogo stick Sammy Carlson decided it was time to relight the fire, dropping his newest film, “YUP”, online this week for our viewing pleasure. From the looks of things, the Quiksilver athlete has no intentions of slowing down, and is happily bringing us along for the ride.

Carved from the backwoods of BC and the puckering steeps of Alaska, “YUP” is a continuation of Carlson’s evolution in the backcountry, taking his high-wire act to some of the most consequential terrain on the planet. The 33-year-old has been venturing further off the beaten path over the last few seasons and his newest short is a testament to the work he’s been doing beyond resort ropes with a soundtrack to match.

Come for the pillow artistry, stay for the Alaskan spinal taps, Carlson laces up another juicy offering this year, and has us all nodding along.


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