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Hilaree Nelson

Once upon a time, there was a world where even a skilled woman was very rarely included on a mountain expedition team. One could argue that this era lasted for most of the 20th century. After that came a time when the rare woman of a certain caliber was invited, but was often tokenized, her presence […]


It’s 6:30 p.m. at a train station several hours east of Geneva. Barreling up the ramp, we only have a few moments before the doors close as we frantically look for a spot to jigsaw our ski bags. The train, loaded with folks going home from a long day of work, begins to fill with the pungent smell […]

Hùynh Family

The U.S. Air Force cargo plane from Saigon was packed with row after row of refugees. It was April 1975 and the South Vietnamese capital was about to fall to the North Vietnamese Army, largely ending the Vietnam War. On the plane, sisters Cúc Kim Hùynh, then 16, and Liên Kim Hùynh, then 18, their parents […]

Joss Christensen

State Highway 13 is a lonely country road, coursing along the Rio Blanco in western Colorado. Pickup trucks full of ranchers and natural gas field workers are usually the only traffic, but every January, Utah professional skiers like Joss Christensen traverse the empty thruway en route to X Games in Aspen, CO. That’s exactly where Christensen […]

David Stoecklein Gallerie

It was springtime in 1970s Utah, and the wildflowers were just starting to bloom when the general manager at Alta Ski Area, Onno Wieringa, ripped the only toilet from the floor of his little house. Lugging the porcelain throne up his ski hill, he met photographer David Stoecklein midmountain, and set his friend to work. Unfazed, […]

Andy Parry

Sitting dejected on the curb outside of the Taco Shoppe in Government Camp, OR, Andy Parry and Will Wesson bantered about how far $2.50 will go. “The gypsy lifestyle is embracing me,” quipped Parry, buried among a pile of Full Tilt boots. It was summertime and the pair had managed to wrangle a little money and […]

New Jersey

Pass through the sliding doors at the end of the concrete parking garage. Ignore the construction signs for the Mrs. Fields cookie store and drop into the human current as it ebbs from one ghastly lit shop to the next. Avoid the fuzzy mechanical animals (and the line at Starbucks) and make your way across the […]


Some where off the west coast of Greenland I held my breath, watching the shoreline float farther and farther away, each gust of biting wind dragging our anchor a little deeper from a firm hold. This was my third expedition on the Knut, and I knew I had to raise the anchor again to reset for […]


Every once in a while, the question comes up: Is Spokane a ski town? A few miles west of the Idaho border and nestled on the western edge of the Northern Rockies, Washington state’s second-largest city is about as far from Seattle as you can get geographically and culturally, but it’s within 90 minutes of a […]

Axel Adolfsson Gallerie

In early September, all of Stockholm was plastered with campaign posters for Sweden’s upcoming general election. One of the posters featured a bespectacled character with a wry smile, standing in the middle of a sunny street flanked by single-family homes with branches from verdant apple trees hanging out over wooden fences. It was an idyllic scene […]


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