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Sophia Rouches

Late in the 2022 season, Sophia Rouches made up her mind to hit the infamous Mt. Baker road gap. For generations of locals, jumping over Highway 542 has represented a pinnacle accomplishment, a rite of passage and cause for top bragging rights rolled into one death-defying, camera-friendly stunt. “Dropping in 10,” she announced to her crew, […]


I had seen it from across grassland fields, a giant looming in the distance. Minarets passed by every couple miles in my foresight, but I couldn’t take my eyes off what seemed to be Mount Hood at the hinge point of Europe and Asia. It felt like a sort of illusion, as if I were […]


The chainsaws were a dead giveaway.  Jim Carter, the new general manager at Black Mountain of Maine, wasn’t sure what he’d find as he wandered toward the woods of his Rumford, ME, ski area, but spotting the same green Tundra in his lot again—and in August no less—had set off alarm bells. Through thick summer heat, […]


I couldn’t remember if I’d ever ridden a bike to a ski hill before. It was a July morning in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Google Maps dropped me from my hotel into a peloton of fellow cyclists winding through the city’s bike lane labyrinth. The café-lined streets turned into a wooded bike path on the edge of […]

Drew Smith Gallerie

Drew Smith was driving to a final job interview, picturing a future life that didn’t include photography. The rosy picture in his mind was that of small-town Montana—a good job at the power company, a nice truck, a wife. Maybe a couple of kids running around.  There were no imposing rock walls, no month-long expeditions, and […]


It was nearing midnight and six giant bags of luggage still needed packing. Earlier in the day—on a sunlit Saturday last March—American ski racer Mikaela Shiffrin had beat Ingemar Stenmark’s 86-win record for the most World Cup victories, racing slalom in Stenmark’s home country of Sweden. But there was little time to stop and reflect. […]


Fresh off six weeks of heli-guiding around West Greenland, Adam Kjeldsen is sorting gear on the couch in his parent’s house on a late spring evening in Nuuk, Greenland. At 64 degrees north latitude, the sun won’t set until 10:15 p.m., and a deep orange glow streams through the westward windows overlooking the Nuuk Fjord. […]


Do you remember the first time you saw the snow? Long before moving to Jackson Hole, WY, and becoming a professional mountain athlete and advocate for access, I was a small child in a new world. This place was intimidating, a natural environment that was completely unfamiliar and far away from Colombia, the only home […]


“When it gets going, it can rip your arms off.” Chuck Wilder’s words rattle around my brain as I struggle to grip the frozen cord. The rope tow hadn’t looked like much from afar—an electric motor-propelled pulley system crescendo-ing up into an idyllic pine forest. Frankly, the warning had felt a little dramatic, even for […]


It has been a busy art season for Jeff Leger. Every summer “Lege,” as he’s affectionately known around his adopted home of Jackson, WY, takes a forced annual hiatus from the delights of subnivean days and teeing off cliffs to reflect on gifts of winters past, look forward to future turns, and immerse himself in […]


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