10 Years of The Ski Journal

Ten years ago, Jeff Galbraith and the Funny Feelings LLC family founded The Ski Journal, a counter-culture outlet meant to document the personalities, places and icons that have defined our sport. It has been a gonzo-style journey, but a decade since that first issue we still believe there is no greater calling than the mountains.

Words: Sakeus Bankson.

“When I was in third grade, my teacher asked the class to create a collage from magazine clippings that corresponded to ourselves. I immediately hoarded and sliced up a few expunged library issues of Ski or Skiing. Every image of mine featured snow, mountains and/or skiers. I could imagine nothing more compelling.

“I believe now, as I did then, that skiing has the power to transport, to create, to heal, to save, to bond generations, to revive, to make the old young and the young wise, and mostly to instill joy. There is still no greater calling than the mountains.”

-Jeff Galbraith, Publisher, The Ski Journal #1.1

A decade is a significant chunk of time. It can take us from bobble-headed groms, screwing around on the ski bus to top-level professionals, standing at the top of the in-run at an international competition. Or from poverty-stricken, hardcore shredders riding every day to time-strapped weekend warriors. Eventually, 10 years can link the whole chain together, when the dirt bags of yesteryear go from raising their own ski-school misfits to once again being bell-to-bell zealots (if with a bit more gray in their hair).

In terms of skiing, however, 10 years is nothing. In a sport whose history and influences are measured in centuries and even millennia, it’s an interval that can change gear and style. But—in the words of Glen Plake—even revolutionaries like Stein Eriksen, Kristen Ulmer or the New Canadian Air Force “just remind everyone of what has already been done.” And a lot can be done and remembered in five thousand years…

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