The ’90s, simply put, redefined skiing. Freeskiing became a part of the sport’s vocabulary. Doug Coombs, Trevor Petersen, Seth Morrison, Shane McConkey and Eric Pehota, among others, redefined the big mountain arena. JP Auclair, Mike Douglas, and the New Canadian Air Force brought skiing into the terrain park. Skiing would never be the same.

Before skiing glided into the sunset, a few influential groups of committed skiers chose to rise up and fight back. In the US, the charge was lead by Shane McConkey, Kent Kreitler, Seth Morrison, Chris Davenport and Brad Holmes. In Canada it was JF Cusson, JP Auclair, Vincent Dorion and Shane Szocs—aka the New Canadian Air Force. Julien Regnier and Candide Thovex pushed from the other side of the Atlantic…

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