Meeting Perfect

Perfection. Pursued by many, obtained by few. But what is perfection? Mitchell Scott examines perfection in a skier’s terms–stellar dendrites, aspect, pitch, and, ultimately, skiing powder.

“The sky is a dark, laden shade of grey. Five degrees fahrenheit and dropping. A convergence of systems in perfect alignment, straight up above. Snowing for days. Not particularly hard, but for days. The wind has fallen behind, lost in another land. Stellar dendrites fall by the bazillions. Magnificent, decidedly individual, perfectly stacked. Infinite crystallization. Clusters of water-borne jewels feathering down from the heavens.

And so, unsurprisingly, you are here in the mountains, and it’s getting deeper every run. You’re too cold to get wet. It’s too good to get tired. You can’t yell for fear of choking. Who says anything during a purge? Hidden in your brain’s folds lurks the knowledge that this harmonic convergence will inevitably end, but right now, lost in this pined-for reality, you immerse yourself completely in the moment.

For now, it is perfect…”

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