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Alric Ljunghager Gallerie

Alric Ljunghager: Puts it All Together

Alric Ljunghager is tucking fast toward the big jump at Kimbosessions in Kläppen, Sweden. Too fast. Without fear or a second thought, the lanky Swede hits the lip with his faithful Canon 6D camera in hand. Seconds later, he’s rolling down the landing, bits of lens and camera body scattering in all directions as he tumbles. Instead of panicking about his gear, he laughs, picking up the pieces. He works quickly, deftly reassembling his camera before skating away. The whole scene looks a chaotic near-disaster, but for Ljunghager there’s a creative pursuit in the madness, a path worth every fall it takes to get there.

Over the last decade, the 34-year-old has been quietly redefining the genre of ski photography. His composition-heavy eye has landed standout cover shots and photo-of-the-year awards across the ski world. Today, his quest to capture the sport in a different light than the standard powder slash has challenged the landscape of ski photography, his work helping skiers like Pär Hägglund, Magnus Granér, Alex Hackel, and Lucas Stal Madison reach a growing worldwide audience…

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