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Bruce Benedict Sinks Beneath Your Wisdom

You’d like Bruce. No, really. It’s very hard not to. He’s fun to be with, easy-going, has a lifetime of great stories about things he’s done, places he’s been, people he knows, skiers he’s shot. 

Shot with a camera, of course. Although he does have a dangerous side. Black belt in Tae kwon do. A lowly green belt in Shito-ryu karate. He still trains every week at a local dojo even though he’ll qualify for Medicare in a year or two. He may need it by then if he starts black-belting fighters half his age. I think his decades in martial arts taught him how to deflect other people’s aggression, defuse their anger, adopt a Zen-like attitude toward almost everything. On the mat and out in the real world.

If Bruce has a flaw, it’s probably not taking his talents seriously enough, not demanding better treatment from his clients, not round-kicking some of the crisis addicts who employ him, make unreasonable demands, and are then amazed he is so easy to work with. Those talents, by the way, include photography and skiing, of course, but also music (he is a fan of old Bob Gibson ski songs), writing (most photographers can’t write for shit), an easy ability to blend into foreign cultures, and the raising of a very smart and worldly son named Cameron—who may decide to follow in his dad’s multidisciplinary footsteps…

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