Camilla Stoddart Gallerie

British born and New Zealand based Camilla Stoddart has transformed from a ski instructor with a camera to one of the world’s best up-and-coming photographers in the past half decade. From Scotland to Sweden to New Zealand, her career has been forged through resilience, unique style and, above all, a love of life. This is the photography of Camilla Stoddart.

…Each of her photos is a piece of art crafted through the eye of someone who has a different outlook on photography than most; they have character, contrast and mood. They are beautiful landscapes that happen to have a skier or a biker as the subject.

Camilla has now settled in NZ year-round and has had the chance to expand her skills outside of skiing to mountain biking, base–jumping, triathlons and even the odd fashion shoot. In what is a very male-dominated profession and culture, she has had to work harder than most to make it through the ranks. She broke through last year at the Red Bull Illume awards by cracking the top 50 out of 23,000 entrants and becoming the only female finalist…

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