Dash Longe

From the icons of the early days of freeskiing, few are left on the professional ski scene. Those that remain are some of the best—figures like Candide Thovex, Tanner Hall, Eric Pollard…and Dash Longe. Dash was one of the first disciples of the style-centric movement, and while he may fly under the radar compared to some of his compatriots, he stands beside legends—because that’s where he belongs.

Words: Alex Hunt

Dash Longe has a lot of pets. More specifically, he has two cats and two dogs, and as I pull up outside his home on a quiet street in suburban Salt Lake City, I have been warned there is now a visiting bulldog in the mix. Dash meets me on the lawn and leads me to the back of the house, to avoid waking his 6-month-old daughter, Alden.

At the door I play human strainer, hugging his wife Alex while keeping Butters the cat inside, Dax the pug outside, and Newman the bulldog off my crotch…


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