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Giving Back the Gift: Dom Daher’s Unconventional Vision

After five years of working at Skieur magazine, the France-based ski magazine that launched his photography career, pro ski photographer Daher decided to break out on his own. Before he could make the full move to freelance, he was approached by some office veterans who told him to sue his employer to make enough money to purchase a better camera. In France, overtime must be paid when employees work more than 35 hours in a week, and it’s a common practice to threaten legal action against an employer when leaving a job. Daher was certainly working long hours for the magazine, and providing them with photography, writing, and editing, but the idea of suing the company that gave him his first opportunity—despite the promise of a financial head start in the freelance game—was simply out of the question. 

“I said, ‘This isn’t right.’ Skieur helped me and gave me everything,” says Daher. He elected not to sue and the magazine rewarded him with free office space and a monthly stipend to shoot all winter long. 

“[Daher] is everything, but not a liar. He is someone modest and honest, with himself and others,” says Laurent Bellaurd, the editorial director. “He is the nicest photographer you can work with. He doesn’t behave like a star at all.”…

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