Field Productions

At 23 years old, Filip Christensen already has eight ski features under his belt and a reputation as one of the more progressive filmmakers in teh ski industry. Leslie Anthony delves into the mature-beyond-its-years Field Productions and what makes Christensen quite possibly the brightest young mind in the ski film industry.

…It’s hard to say precisely what makes FP films so unique—after all it’s essentially filming the same things as everyone else—but something is happening in the mix of joyful moments and intense action that translates to a different overall feel. Innovation plays a role, but perhaps “daring” is a better descriptor of the cinematography (many techniques that have become the norm made their ski-world debut in a Field movie), world-class editing, and solid performances headlined by mostly young up-and-comers and a few key veterans with a good backstory—like Jon Olsson building a massive jump on the same glacier he has ski-raced on since he was a kid, or GS World Cup champs Aksel Lund Svindal and Torstein Horgmo getting their freeski shred on in the surprisingly gnarly Norwegian Alps. Not that there aren’t specifics to point to as well—like the blinking-orb graphics of 2009’s Eyes Wide Open, at once both playful and artful. Or superior Scando musical sensibilities that make the Mica sequence in that film a cut above a legion of other Mica sequences; equally, PK Hunder’s jib sequence here strikes all the right musical and visual chords until he unceremoniously describes breaking his neck like it ain’t no thing…

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