No ones knows what the future may hold for skiing–but we can bet it means exploration into the furthest reaches of the globe, and, perhaps, beyond. After all, it looks like there are some sweet spines on Mars.

So, what now? Will the versatile RED camera push cinematographers to regularly frame motion shots with still imagery in mind? Will increasingly technical tricks restore the played-out morphed sequence to its former glory? Will the backwards (and now sideways) skiing that athletes like Pep Fujas pioneered change our perspective behind the lens? Will the skilled on-mountain skiing talents of photographers like Christian Pondella and Will Wissman allow photos to come from places previously impossible? Will technology change the way we get to these places? As Google Earth makes it easier for us to scope lines, future aviation will change how we arrive at them. Will we leave the Earth altogether, exploring the massive mountains, canyons and frozen landscapes of Mars, the moons of Jupiter and beyond? With breathing apparatus, weighted boots and “hover” wax, anything may be possible… our moon has already been glissaded…

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