Rachael Burks rips the dinghy back to the boat



Arctic Artistry: Tempting Sea and Sky in Greenland

Some where off the west coast of Greenland I held my breath, watching the shoreline float farther and farther away, each gust of biting wind dragging our anchor a little deeper from a firm hold. This was my third expedition on the Knut, and I knew I had to raise the anchor again to reset for our next attempt. Weaving myself through the rigging up to the bow, I began to raise the chain. 

The Knut is no yacht. It is a 50-foot, Italian-made aluminum racing sailboat that felt a bit out of place in the Arctic. It sleeps five, including the captain. While I had lived off the Knut on two prior occasions, it had undergone substantial changes since my last voyage. It had been stripped of diesel lines and now sported a small electric engine. All five bunks were full with our lead guide Jess Baker, photographers Erich Roepke and Sophie Danison, captain Ben Ruffieux and me. With the new “Eco-Knut” as our base camp, we were here to explore and ski some of the most remote terrain on Earth… 

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