Honshu Streets

Confronting Newness: Lessons from Jyosei

A 20-year-old filmmaker working on her first project joins seven women, also in their 20s, to make a street-skiing film in Japan. They have three weeks. Most of these skiers have never made a street-focused film before, and many of them don’t know each other yet. 

What results from this whirlwind is Jyosei—“woman” in Japanese—a film that is unprecedented in the ski industry. But it didn’t come without growing pains. In fact, these pains are the line on which the entirety of Jyosei is hung.

“We just took the ball and ran with it and didn’t think much of it,” says Maddie Jones, the 28-year-old Australian freeskier who orchestrated Jyosei. “Often people look at trying to do a project like this and they’re like, ‘We’re doing too much’ or ‘It’s too big.’ I never had that thought about it.”…

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