Jana Rogers Gallerie

A Larger Purpose: Jana Rogers’ Creative Responsibility

Crouched on a ridge in Austria’s Zillertal Alps, photographer Jana Rogers observed the fading light in the snowcapped peaks

The clouds had shifted allowing the sun to illuminate the rocky ridge above the slope, a photographer’s dream. The skiers dropped in and arced a few perfect turns down the untouched pitch. It was 2018 and Rogers felt an overwhelming sense of peace, living a career she’d so artfully crafted for herself. Only a few years after throwing herself into the world of ski photography, she was packing her schedule with trips to Europe and Japan, working big commercial shoots, like this day in Zillertal, all over the world. Still, she couldn’t shake a lingering guilt. “I felt so much gratitude and joy, but I also felt this pang of uncomfortable hypocrisy,” she says looking back on that winter. “I asked myself, ‘What am I actually doing to give back and protect these places?’”…

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