Jay Peak

Authenticity is a word often used of Vermont’s Jay Peak, and writer Peter
Oliver soulfully expresses how and why in a way only a local can. From epic
backcountry glades to those purportedly “inflated” snow totals the ski area
enjoys with each new dump, you’ll find out why Jay Peak isn’t merely a
mountain, but a powder and tree-skiing experience.

“A pale, January light washes over Jay Peak. The sky is the color of pewter, with the sun coming through the clouds in a ghostly glow, barely visible. It is snowing hard—not unusual here despite the hazy sun, for Jay Peak is a monument to the inverse of the line in the old Temptations song: On so many days of winter, Jay’s got snowfall on a sunny day.

Authenticity. It’s a word many Jay Peak locals use when talking about their hill…”

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