Jossi skiing half pipe


Jossi Wells

Stop and Go: Jossi Wells’ Evolving Vision

Winter 2019 in Cooke City, MT. Set against the backdrop of the dramatic Absaroka Range, Jossi Wells sat atop the inrun. Below, Bobby Brown and his crew milled about. Two cameras, three friends and a 65-foot step-down. In the distance, the steady hum of snowmobilers, undoubtedly high-marking. It was a familiar situation for Jossi, a professional skier in the public lens for close to two decades. During that time, Jossi had ridden the wave from comp kid phenom to Olympian and X Games medalist. He’d filmed segments in the streets, park and backcountry. Part of an age of hyper-specialization, Jossi had always stood apart; hearkening back to the nascent days of the twin-tip era when pro skiers logged two segments a year while attending all the major competitions.

“Cameras ready.”

“Jossi in 5…”…

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