Lynsey Dyer

Freeskiing champion. Artist. Designer. Photographer. Globe-trotting film
star. TV commentator. Motivational speaker. Entrepreneur. Award-winning
do-gooder. And all at age 25. At a modest 5’ 6”, Lynsey Dyer packs a
powerful punch and may be skiing’s next big thing…if she can stop leaving
crumbs all over her friends’ houses. Vanessa Pierce takes a humorous look
the girl who jumps cliffs and takes risks with the well being of her fellow
female in mind.

“She looks as if she just woke up. Long, blonde-streaked hair is coiled into locks that are hastily put up in a bun. Outside it’s snowing and shaping up to be a classic Teton powder day, but here, inside her boyfriend’s house in Victor, Idaho, just over the pass from Jackson Hole, Lynsey Dyer is facing a deadline. Her chocolate-brown eyes look preoccupied. “I need an hour and 20 minutes,” she says specifically, as she turns from one task—researching the athletes competing in the 48 Straight ski and snowboard competition in Sun Valley in two weeks, for which she will be a TV commentator—to one more urgent: designing a signature line of t-shirts and hoodies for her main sponsor, Rossignol. She puts on her headphones and heads upstairs to the computer…”


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