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What’s Up with The Photographer?: Nic Alegre Finds Gold

Nic Alegre’s career took off when he got kicked out of Canada. American by birth and passport, he’d been living in Whistler, BC on and off for several years, working as an aspiring photographer. He’d leave every six months, as required by immigration, and spend time in Los Angeles and back home in New York. In August 2014, he was heading back into Canada to attend a music festival near Nelson, BC, when he got stopped at the border in Vancouver. 

“The border is so weird—one time, they’ll be so nice to you, then the next time, they’ll hate you and tell you, ‘You can’t come in,’” he says. Turns out, he’d overstayed his last visit a few days beyond the allotted six-month timespan. The Canadian border patrol told him he wasn’t welcome in Canada anymore. So, Alegre moved to Tahoe that fall and tried to figure out his next move. Not being able to shoot in Canada is tricky for a ski photographer. Plus, he was just getting started, working with well-known skiers and scoring his first published photos in major ski magazines. Thankfully, he could still go to Alaska.

In the winter of 2016, Teton Gravity Research needed a photographer to join the film crew and athletes at Fantasy Camp, a base camp deep in Alaska’s Neacola Mountains, where they spent several weeks shooting for TGR’s annual ski movie. Pro skiers and TGR athletes Sage Cattabriga-Alosa and Nick McNutt had worked with Alegre the year before and they recommended him to TGR… 

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