Parker White

One Righteous Dude:
Parker White is the Business Side of the Party

If a mullet was a human being—and if it had a mustache—it would be Parker White.

It’s not as random a comparison as it seems. Parker has been sporting both for years, a look that was in full effect when I met him in downtown Bellingham, WA in March of 2018. He and Level 1 Productions director Freedle Coty had just finished a week at Mt. Baker Ski Area after a trip to Europe, a refreshing change for what best friend Chris Logan calls the “Vermonter turned-Montanan, wishing he was Canadian.” The 27-year-old Parker moved to the Big Sky State in 2010, and he’s spent the majority of the past few winters skiing and shooting in British Columbia. If it sounds like a quiet existence, well, you’ve never met Parker White.

“He’s one of the biggest characters and funniest people to be around,” Logan says. “He’s always laughing, and most the time he has a beer in hand and his shirt off, just lettin’ ’er breathe.”

A seemingly improbable mix of Montucky brash and East Coast class, Parker is an enigma in the ski world. He burst onto the scene with Level 1’s 2010 film, Eye Trip, throwing frontflip double-tip grabs over a 110-foot channel gap in Sun Valley, ID. Four years later, he dipped from ski-film stardom into the relative obscurity of online edits to start a production company, the Big Picture, with Chris and Sean Logan. He actively avoids trade shows, competitions, or general self-promotion, a steadfastness that’s lost him some of his biggest sponsors but earned him an ultra-core fan base, industry-wide respect and an anti-hero-esque mystique…

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