Pep Fujas

When Pep Fujas first burst onto the freeski scene in the early 2000s, his deliberately “lazy” style immediately set him apart among the maximum rotations and technical feats of the era. His interpretation of the sport inspired a generation looking for a different way to ski, and earned him a reputation as wise and quietly aggressive. Now at 32 years old, there are still few people that make skiing look as good as the Pesto Puma.

Words: Sakeus Bankson

The girl was probably 13 or 14 years old, a middle schooler in pink outerwear and a helmet far out of proportion to her body. We were shouldering our skis for the short hike over a ridge when she came plodding over, from an equally youthful group who had been awkwardly looking our way.

“Are you Pep Fujas?” she asked in a blunt Australian accent.

“Well, in fact I am,” Fujas answered with smile, obviously prepared to sign an autograph or pose for a selfie.

The girl nodded her head once, and said, “I’m a better skier than you!” Laughter burst from the middle schoolers.

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